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Baden-Powell Park

  • Client: Scouts Queensland
  • Tags: BRANDING
  • Date: 25 January 2018
Baden-Powell Park

The Story

I was approached from an existing client who is heavily involved in the Queensland scouts to take a look at their "Baden-Powell park" facility. A large campground and training facility based in Samford Queensland.

The grounds are one of the largest in queensland and the executive wanted to inject some money into upgrading the facilities and promoting the park in attempts for attracting some corporate business for training days and leadership development.

They wanted to build a brand and develop a web presence that behaved as though it was independent to the scouts, but still had root's in the organisation.

The Result

We had a lot of fun with this project! After taking a look at the facility and researching similar business models we where able to develop a colourful and cheery brand also had modern/corporate elements.

Once this was agreed on, we developed a number of promotional mock-up that was able to show off the durability and flexibility of the brand. From fun children's events, to strong corporate event examples.

From this we where able to then incorporate the new brand into a digital presence including website development, social media design and email template design.

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