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Avoid 'death by PowerPoint' with some simple tips

Anyone who has sat through a workshop, a university lecture, or a board room meeting knows what we mean by 'Death by PowerPoint'. It's the guy with the 40 slide PowerPoint where every slid is packed full of content, images that 'try' to be relateable, stolen from clip art, and either WAY too many animations, or none at all.


In September of 2021- I participated in the Far North Queensland's Cardiac Challenge - a 320km Bike ride from Cairns to Cooktown. I was fortunate enough to write a piece for the local "cairns local news' an independent  free publication. Here's my article. 

Leveraging LinkedIn for Profiles

I recently came across this video by Gary Vaynerchuk, an internet personality and Digital marketing expert.

In summary, this information might be a bit more technical than most care to follow, but put simply, it’s about leveraging LinkedIn as a social media channel moreover than other social media platforms.

Headshot inspiration for Corporate Professionals

Headshots are important.  It’s my opinion that everyone should have at least one or two headshots up their sleeve that they can whip out when the time calls for it.

Here's a handful of headshot ideas for creatives to get those juices flowing, feel free to contribute and share.

This is not your ordinary recruitment / branding / photography / fashion blog.

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm not an experienced recruiter or a public relations guru, nor am I a professional writer, (in fact, a more accurate description of me is a ‘terrible writer’!) The following are just my ideas, tricks and thoughts, based upon some pretty diverse experiences.

You see, I've worked for many years with all sorts of organisations to make them 'look and sound good'.

Whether you’re talking about a significant government campaign or logos for a home-based business being juggled by a busy mum, presentation is key. It can make or break how your audience can perceive your message.

But in my 10 plus years of career development, I've seen a few people realise the importance of branding themselves, rising to achievements and notoriety they had never dreamed of.  Developing a personal brand is more important now than ever, if you want to achieve success in your professional career.

Your personal brand is about designing the reputation, ethos and character that reflects who you truly are. Your brand can be utilised to gain a better job, a promotion, or the job you just know you will actually love doing.

At university, we were told that our resume was everything. Kind of like how you may been forced to learn to recite psalms from the bible, it was ingrained in our psyche that what we outlined in that document would make or break your chances of employment, (which can be its own version of heaven or hell!). People would print it on coloured paper or spray it with perfume (or holy water!) to add that little extra ‘pizzazz'.

I mean, I doubt the mighty resume will ever go away. But LinkedIn profiles (and other similar platforms) are more and more common. Your professional reputation now extends beyond your resume and onto the interwebs.

The digital world has changed things. It has opened up many more ways for people to shape how the professional world sees them. It doesn't matter if you are a lawyer, and entertainer or a carpenter, you still need to present your work and experience in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd.

That’s what this blog is all about. I'll give you advice, tips and tricks to help you develop your own professional identity. An identity that gets your foot in the door of opportunity.

Did you know that 89% of potential employers will 'google' you when considering hiring you?

Or that (for those freelancers out there) ...84% of people will trust an online review as much as a referral from a friend!

We're now at an age where our digital footprint impacts our employment. It's important to build a professional image for yourself, that is respectable, unique and enticing,  if you want to grow and do well.

I expect that I will talk about many different topics.. A bit of marketing, public relations, recruitment, and even good design tactics and how to express your creativity. Each element can help you best promote yourself, your unique traits and your experience, to your next potential employer.

Helping develop professional identities for the modern professional is my mission!


I've been designing tee's in my head for a few years now, and I thought I would pull my finger out and actually put pen to paper (or mouse to screen) and have some fun.

These shirts are either for a specific purpose or campaign that's near and dear to me. Or just me faffing about on the computer on a chilled Friday afternoon. You're welcome to purchase any of them and spread the love.

2018-19 Cairns Hospital Annual Report

The 18-19 annual report for the Cairns Hospital has been designed and released. 

This is the first version of the annual report that incorporates the Health Service Branding. This is an example of how a report or document can adhere to a corporate brand while still creating a unique look for that individual project.

I think it's one of my best layouts yet and includes some fantastic photography of the Hospital facilities and Staff as well as a subtle 'brush' texture that flows through the whole report 

Your Career up Here - Calling all nurses to the Far North.

Cairns and Hinterland health organisation needed to attract a wider pool of job applicants. With the help of some team members and myself, we conducted an online recruitment campaign that promotes the environment and lifestyle in Far North Queensland. We focused on Facebook and Instagram channels.

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