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Promoting your new website

So you have your new look website. You’re proud of it. It has loads of information on your products and your wonderful customer service plus it looks fabulous.

Now comes the hard part. How is anyone going to find your website? There are now millions of websites. Gone are the days when people could go to Google and type in a topic or product they were seeking and up would pop your website. These days you have promote your web address at every opportunity you get.

Some very simple ways that you can use to start promoting your website immediately are:

  • Create a Facebook page
  • Purchase Facebook ads
  • List your website address on everything
    • your business card
    • stationary
    • Front of door or building
    • Brochures
    • Direct mail pieces
  • List your website address in your email signature block
  • Donate time or resources to a charity – negotiate for them to promote your website
  • Sponsorships – if you sponsor a sporting team or charity

Promoting your business is a never ending task. And promoting your business website is also a continual process. Learning how to advertise your website is all about starting, getting feedback and adjusting your tactic.

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