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A New Year brings small business marketing opportunities

For many people this is the first week back at work following the festive break. While we may still be trying to get the sand out of the car and have yet to pull down the Christmas decorations, January is often a quiet month that gives us the opportunity to reassess our business accomplishments (and areas of concern) from 2015 and focus on 2016. 

Assess your Christmas activities

If Christmas is one of the major sales times for your business, now is the time to measure your Christmas efforts. Review which products and services performed well and which didn’t. Did you have enough staff to handle the increased Christmas traffic? Make heaps of notes and KEEP THEM! You will need to refer to them before next Christmas. 

Lots of marketing people talk on and on about ROI … What is your ROI? … Were you pleased with your ROI? 

ROI stands for Return on Investment – basically, did the hard work and money you spent in promoting your business / service / product pay off? 

Plan to attract new customers in the new year

Go mobile. Customers are searching for products and services from their mobile devices, now more than ever, and we can be sure that the percentage of mobile searches will only increase in 2016. Do you have a mobile site? Could you sell more products and services online? Get on social media. If you aren’t already using social media to market your business you need to start this year! If you are, consider adding one new stream to your efforts. Create a Facebook page, Google+ community, a Pinterest or Instagram account to add to your digital marketing efforts.

Update your website. Leaving a website sitting there with no updates or changes is the same as building a retail store and never updating your products or displays. There’s no point to driving traffic from Facebook or Google Adwords to your website if it’s old and out-dated. You’ll lose those online leads very quickly.

Do a little housekeeping. Is the contact information on your website current? Google yourself, is the information found online correct? Going over some small business housekeeping items will keep you organised and productive.

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