Website for Schools (Conceptual)

  • Client: Queensland Government
  • Tags: Digital
  • Date: 25 November 2017
Website for Schools (Conceptual)

The Back Story

The Department of Education manage approximately 1,400 websites for state schools around the state all on the SharePoint 2010 platform. Each school has the choice of a small selection of website templates to use for their website. In this contract, I was required to develop a range of new templates that schools can use, that include new features and meet the grater needs of the schools and students.

NOTE: This was a large project, part of a larger project for development. My contract was to research and design templates for a large web-design team to build on a specified platform.

The Process

It was important not just to design some new 'flashy' websites, but also to ensure that the templates were usable, and met the requirements of the schools. I did this by talking to the web content team - who deal with school websites on a regular basis, as well as examining the current analytics of the school. Available analytics allowed me to get a holistic view of the all school websites, to discover some good trends in viewing behaviour and browsing patterns. Secondary to this, it was important to build templates that were interchangeable. Many schools have different branding colours and logos, it was important to cater for that.

The Result

The design team where able to build a range of media rich, responsive and modern looking website designs, and are in the process of building these designs into the complicated web environment that currently manages the websites.

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