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Covet Marketing

  • Client: Allie Butler-White
  • Date: 08 April 2018
Covet Marketing

The Story

Allie Butler-White is a freelance marketing manager who works with small business to build and target their marketing strategies and brand reputation. She has a well formed personal profile, and a professional brand that attracts her target clients well.

She approached me to help develop a small website that represented her business and was able to grow as her business grew. It was important the website was mobile responsive and had a specific SEO target ensured she would be targeting her clients.

The Result

Armed with a business card, and Pinterest board (supplied by Allie) we were able to come up with a design and layout that represented Covet Marketing's branding and style.

The Crafted Website page allowed full flexibility of design and layout and the ability to further extend her functions when she needed it.

Homepage layout

Product/Service page layout

Blog layout

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