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Tim Deere Consulting

  • Client: Tim Deere
  • Tags: Branding, Non-Government
  • Date: 23 November 2017
Tim Deere Consulting

The Story

Tim Deere is an engineering consulting with years of experience working on multi-media projects. He wanted to focus his attention on growing his own consultancy and was looking for someone to develop a brand.

Tim had already developed a logo, a simple "Tim Deere Consulting" but he wanted to build a look and feel around the brand that communicated his quality and style.

The Result

As a result we were able to incorporate the concept of engineering and planning in Tim's brand, while maintaining a professional look.

We used fresh bright colours and on-trend design styles to develop a creative look that appealed both to the strict, logical, pattern that engineering involves, but still looked creative and bright that hinted at his creative style.

Designed a range of stationary ready for print.

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