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Teach Queensland

  • Client: Queensland Government
  • Tags: Digital, Government
  • Date: 25 November 2017
Teach Queensland

The Back Story

The Department of education and training recruitment (attraction) team requested the development of a new website to help in the recruitment of new teachers to the Department. This client group was looking for a contemporary and attention-grabbing site, that would entice the audience to investigate further.

The Process

In this contract my role was in design consultation. As part of the scoping process for this website, I organised a 'Design UX' workshop that helped the development team to understand the requirements and experience the client had in mind for the website. This helped, and as a result we came away with a basic wireframe of the website design that we were able to turn into a hi-fidelity design.

The Result

In the end the teach.qld.gov.au website launched with great feedback from both the client and audience. The website represented the goals of the Attraction team, and created a media rich experience that would appeal to potential recruits. The website (build on SharePoint 2013 platform) followed the guidelines of the Queensland Government Consistent User Experience (CUE) as well as WCAG 2.0 (AA) accessibility standards.

Above: Design concept for Teach Queensland

Website can be found at http://teach.qld.gov.au

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